Testimonials and Samples

“Thank you. You’ve added so much to my writing. :)” –Joetta Currie

“I love my story, and your help has been invaluable. ” –Joetta Currie

“Thank you, I can not tell you how much your response has helped. ::) … You are my favorite person right now!” –Joetta Currie

“It was awesome to read through your comments/suggestions and changes. I really love how it’s taking shape. The Scully line has been added too! It was one of the many awesome suggestions you offered. 🙂 … I’m so glad you like it and you get my sense of humor. It is an immense help.” –Howie Noel

“Attached are the two docs with my notes.  I love all of the tightening and clarity you are giving it.” –Angelle Petta

“I just finished going through the second round of revisions and it looks great.  Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and compliments, for your time and energy, your research and thoroughness.  You really have made this a better novel.  This is my 4th book and I think and hope this is the one. ” –Angelle Petta

“You happen to implicitly get my work, which is nice.” –Russell Nohelty

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