Fresh is the Word Podcast with Kelly Frazier

Kelly had some really great questions for me about Cafe Macabre and about living a creative life.

Siren’s Call Publications, Siren’s Call eZine 43rd issue, 10th Women in Horror Special Issue!

You can download the issue for free by following the link above. In it you’ll find my story “Cement Jesus” as well as the COVER REVEAL for my upcoming all-female horror anthology, Cafe Macabre.

Women in Horror Month: An Interview by Stephanie Ayers wherein I discuss #CafeMacabre

Stephanie Ayers released her own collection of horror short stories just last year. She’s a horror aficionado! So it was a real honor to land on her page discussing my writing process and the story of my upcoming all-female horror anthology, Cafe Macabre!

Wise Women Wednesday: Leah Lederman

I’ve been called a lot of things, but never considered myself necessarily “wise.” Still, I had a great time with this interview, and was honored to be included amongst such impressive women! Oct 2017

Written Sins Splash Page

Rob Andersin, powerhouse personality over there at Written Sins, took a poll to see who should be featured on April 2017’s monthly splash page. I’m not a comics writer by any means, but apparently I’ve rubbed shoulders with the right people for long enough!

Keynote Speaker at the annual Shapiro Writing Festival

This was an honor and a treat. I was asked to give a talk at my alma mater’s writing festival. This isn’t great video quality, but includes some discussion about my writing life, even some samples! April 2016

Comic Pros and Cons: Episode 16

I had a great time sitting down with Derek Becker to talk about my work editing comic scripts.  May 2016

Off-panel with Leah Lederman

An interview with The Outhouser’s Indie Huntress, Oct 2015.

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