Editing Services

Free Editing Sample

For first-time clients, I offer substantive editing of up to 1,000 words for free. This gives you an idea of what to expect from me, and me from you.

Any time you are submitting work to an editor, be sure it has been through several drafts and is largely free from spelling and typo issues. This allows for a focus on global, big-picture items, and makes for a quicker transformation into a polished, publishable product.

Developmental “Global” Edit

This type of editing service is ideal for writers who have stalled on a work and need ideas to jog them forward, or for a work that’s not being received well.

In a developmental edit, I make notes regarding the overall quality of a piece of writing–what’s working and what needs work. I pay particular attention to the work’s clarity and flow, pointing out inconsistencies in plot, character, or other information. I offer suggestions to draw out more description or pare down wordiness, whatever the particular work needs.

While I don’t make changes to the document itself in this tier of editing, I will draw your attention to consistent mistakes in grammar or spelling, or tendencies to misuse/repeat particular words, phrases, or sentence structures.

For a developmental/global edit, the price is $15/1,000 words.

Copy Edit

This is an in-depth editing service ideal for making a work publication-ready. It includes all of the feedback offered in the developmental edit tier, but at this level I will dive into the document itself and make sentence-level changes.

(This means I will correct spelling, grammar, and typos, including but not limited to: passive voice, mismatched tense/number, dangling participles, misplaced modifiers, redundancy, diction, dialogue rules, comma splices, run-on sentences, sentence fragments.)

If a sentence needs to be restructured either for clarity or to avoid repetitive sentence structure, in a copy edit I will make that change for you–sometimes I even offer a few options for ways to alter the sentence. You maintain control of the work, however, as all of my changes are clearly marked for you to review.

There are two phases of a copy edit, which I refer to as “Revision 1” and “Revision 2.” The first revision takes the longest and is the most intense (even a bit messy). You’ll receive the document back from me marked up and with comments, at which point you’ll need to carefully review each change and comment, making revisions based on my suggestions. When you send the revision back to me, I’ll read through it once again and, in what I call “Revision 2,” I polish the work so that its bugs are worked out and it represents your best writing*.

*Some scenarios require additional edits beyond the second revision. Typically, I read specific sections of the work rather than the entire document. I deal with these on an individual basis for pricing, and usually rely on developmental edit prices for edits beyond the second revision.

For a copy edit, the price is $4/500 words.

There’s a $15 minimum for short stories and flash fiction.

Comic Scripts

For a comic script that hasn’t been drawn yet, I offer a close look at the pacing and dialogue. I aim to make your script clear and crisp, and make sure your dialogue delivers information effectively and economically (i.e. “stop talking so much!”). I don’t charge by the word, since it’s a script and I don’t want to charge you every time you write “Panel One.” Edits for a comic script start at $2/page (and vary depending on the amount of work needed. To figure this out, I run a 2-3 page free sample so we both know what to expect from each other). This includes two revisions plus a lettering proof.

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