Cafe Macabre I & II

Cafe Macabre has a follow up! Cafe Macabre II (super original name, I know) will release on Halloween 2021, exactly two years since the debut of its older sister, the original Cafe Macabre. 

Between the two of them, you’re looking at the work of thirty different women!

I’m really proud of these collections and think they’ll appeal even to non-horror readers, as they make a statement about the things women fear and how they write about that fear. And if you ARE into horror, you’ll find all manner of the genre represented: possession, haunting, psychological, demons, ghosts, funhouses, eyeball-gouging, and more!

You can purchase copies of both collections at 


Cafe Macabre has been picked up for publication and national distribution by SOURCE POINT PRESS!

You can get a copy here.CM Sourcepoint.png

We are live now! Go get yours! (More about the project below)


Stories by Kasey Pierce, Stefani Manard, Kari McElroy, Michelle Joy Gallagher, Amy Hunter, Harlow West, and more!

Art by K Lynn Smith, Corinne Roberts, Kari McElroy, Marianna Pescosta, Amy Hunter, Harlow West, Ashley Jagodzinski, Jennifer Barnett, Autumn Nicole Brown and Crystal O’Rourke!

Here’s the story of how this all came about (which I also talk about in this podcast with dear friend Alisha Wielfaert):

I was editing for Kasey Pierce and Stefani Manard at the same time, up to my elbows in horror. It’s not necessarily my genre of choice because I’m a big freaking scaredy-cat. I’d go out at night to let the dog out and have a smoke (hey I’ve quit since then. Nearly two years!) and find myself looking over my shoulder I was so freaked out. All of the characters and the narratives were swarming around in this big horror stew in my head.

So, part of it was wanting to get those voices together in one space. That’s the Cafe. It’s the Algonquin table; it’s Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley and Byron. It’s the thing I’m missing so much in my life right now.

This is not a boo-hoo thing. I was able to have children and made the choice to. Still, there’s a price. For an extroverted, competitive go-getter, the price was loneliness. My creative momentum. It was my ability to get together with friends and just listen to them talk.

(Oh who am I kidding? I’d just talk louder)

Most specifically, as the only girl living in a house filled with testosterone–i grew up there, too: 1 sister, 5 brothers–I wanted to hear women’s voices, all together, in a book, in my head.

I’m so proud of this collection, and for what I have created with these awesome ladies’ voices. We’re so close and I’m so excited!

Cafe Macabre: A Collection of Horror Stories and Art by Women

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“Fresh is the Word” Podcast episode #139 Leah Lederman, Writer/Freelance Editor

Read about our book in the Greenfield Daily Reporter!

Cafe_Macabre cover
Cafe_Macabre cover

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