An interview with Allison Spooner

I met Allison Spooner earlier this year at Toledo Fantasticon. Since then, we've been friends on Facebook and I've enjoyed listening to her discuss the way she integrates the "Three to Thrive" into her life and creative practice. When I read her short stories, I was transported. Her words made me laugh and they made... Continue Reading →


My Creative Autobiography

I’m reading Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit and she’s got one of those handy-dandy self-questionnaire thingies. Sure, she says to just do it for yourself, but who am I kidding? I like attention. So, while I have read through the questions and read Twyla’s own answers to the questions, I’m going to go through now... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Crystal O’Rourke

Crystal O'Rourke, formerly of Indie Huntress fame, is a Michigan-based artist. She sees art, hope, and joy in the world around her and works hard to bring it to others. She dabbles in ink, watercolor, photography, and cheese. For more information about Crystal's art, you can visit CrystalVisionArt. How long have you been creating artistic pieces?... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Kari McElroy on Cafe Macabre

"I spend my days drawing pictures and telling lies. Could it get any better?" Kari McElroy is an Indianapolis-based writer and artist. She has two ridiculous and hilarious dogs, travels the world, and produces the weekly webcomic "Regarding Dandelions." This lady is spectacularly talented and a powerhouse contribution to this collection! (She didn't write this... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Harlow West

Harlow West is a New York based author, illustrator, and professional hot mess with resting grumpy cat face. From her humble beginnings of writing short stories about boys that lived in pumpkins and the painfully awful poetry written for her high school poetry club to writing about nerds and their naughty bits, Harlow has written... Continue Reading →

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