Eight year drive-in totals: Research on Imposter Syndrome

I just completed Alisha Wielfaert's Creativity Summit via Yoke and Abundance and while I have several nuggets I'd like to share with you, the one that echoed loudest was Tanya Geisler's bit about Imposter Sydrome. (It was one of those "interviews available for 48 hrs" deals so you won't get the actual interviews,  but hopefully,... Continue Reading →

Teachwriteober, a refreshing alternative to Nanowrimo

This October I committed to writing every day. No, not the 50K-word novel that many of you are feverishly working on even now, on the second day of November.   I can't hang with Nanowrimo at this point in my life. It doesn't match who I am or what my writing process is. I applaud those... Continue Reading →

In search of the perfect dress

It happened accidentally. This closet has been in need of an overhaul for a long time, and was bypassed even in my pregnant “clean closets” mode. (I hate to call it nesting because it was so much more pragmatic than hormonal. It was a definite “This is the last time this is going to happen... Continue Reading →

An interview with Allison Spooner

I met Allison Spooner earlier this year at Toledo Fantasticon. Since then, we've been friends on Facebook and I've enjoyed listening to her discuss the way she integrates the "Three to Thrive" into her life and creative practice. When I read her short stories, I was transported. Her words made me laugh and they made... Continue Reading →

My Creative Autobiography

I’m reading Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit and she’s got one of those handy-dandy self-questionnaire thingies. Sure, she says to just do it for yourself, but who am I kidding? I like attention. So, while I have read through the questions and read Twyla’s own answers to the questions, I’m going to go through now... Continue Reading →

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