A Father’s Knowing Chuckle

I don't find myself saying things like, "I miss having a dad." I still have one, he's know, dead. And sure, I miss him. But it's not like I pine away. It's a dull ache; the occasional pinprick. This past week I visited in-laws in Toledo. Hand-washing and masks-as-needed all apply. It was the... Continue Reading →

Gathering Wildflowers

I have had to fight for the walks. I theorized about them for years but they didn’t happen regularly until after three kids and a pandemic. Now there is no question, no raised eyebrow when I clear my dishes after dinner and set off into the yard, sometimes while the family is still eating. I... Continue Reading →

An Empty Shell

An Empty Shell By Leah McNaughton Lederman Oh Disco, you uncomprehending mutt. Those unblinking eyes see nothing but the food travel from my plate to my mouth. Bonk. That’s the sound of the ping pong ball bouncing across the table where your brain should be. But you sense it, too, don’t you? Bonk. He’d have... Continue Reading →

I hate needing to sleep

Sometimes I hate that I need to sleep. It's only midnight, right? But the baby only just FINALLY went to sleep (after playing, cooing, flipping, and crying for over an hour--after a very long day, I might add). I got the thing outlined. I am trying not to be overwhelmed by how much there is... Continue Reading →

2019 Reading/Writing Drive-in Totals

This year has been pretty great in terms of writing and reading, all told. My family is pretty awesome, too. We dealt pretty successfully, week-by-week, with son #2's regression post-baby-sister. We watched our daughter bloom  and our sons thrive in their breakdance classes. In April, I ran a Kickstarter for the project I'd worked on... Continue Reading →

In search of the perfect dress

It happened accidentally. This closet has been in need of an overhaul for a long time, and was bypassed even in my pregnant “clean closets” mode. (I hate to call it nesting because it was so much more pragmatic than hormonal. It was a definite “This is the last time this is going to happen... Continue Reading →

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