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The Ladies of Horror
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The Bone Bringer
by Leah McNaughton Lederman

He was called the Bone Bringer, by some, others had heard of the Rock Crusher. Still others knew him only as the nervous way they felt when a forest breeze fell on their neck, though the woods were still.
All those people were gone, now.
He was No One incarnate, mere emptiness. Nothing.
And he was lonely.
The traveling never ceased. The movement, at once chaotic and smooth, was endless. He lumbered across the vast environs of earth, searching.
The things he touched, when he thought they might be worthy, they crumbled to nothing, descended from life into decay.
There was nothing left. He was lonely and he was hungry.
The crow was clever, he knew. Untrustworthy, to be certain, but keen enough to save its own feathered neck at any cost, even if that cost was…

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